What does this mean?

This means taking responsibility for your life. It means:

  • Letting go of the rulebook that society and family place on you
  • Letting go of the negative voices in your head
  • Letting go of regret
  • Reconnecting with your true self, to truly live a fulfilled life

Whatever you have been through in your life, it is never too late to start a new chapter.

Our core values

  • To be authentic in a world that values facades
  • To create a platform where women can be honest about where they are at and where they want to be
  • To ensure confidentiality, respect and open-mindedness at all times
  • To create opportunities for personal growth, change and transformation
  • To create opportunities for meaningful connection
  • To support women who want to live their best life

The founder

Kebonemorena Nthite

Author, Speaker, Mentor

Kebone did not have an easy life.  Her childhood home was riddled with emotional and verbal abuse.  As a teenager, she survived the horrors of sexual abuse. She escaped a marriage plagued with physical violence and raised two boys by herself. She also dealt with the painful reality of addiction and co-dependency as a single mom.  Despite a life filled with tragedy, Kebone knew she was meant for greater things.  For many years she tried to find her purpose in her career and material things.  She finally realised that the wealth and success she accumulated just left her feeling empty.  She struggled with the imposter syndrome for many years, until she finally realised that her joy and fulfillment could not be found in material pursuits.  At the same time, Kebone explored her calling as a prophet and preacher; she even pastored a church.  The impact she made in her ministry was far more fulfilling than any accolades she accumulated over the years.  This realisation led her to take a long hard look at her life and make some radical changes to truly live a purposeful life.  Today, Kebone is a minimalist, focused on helping others live their best life.   Since her drastic transformation, she has experienced rejection from her extended family and faced numerous obstacles along the way.  Despite this, Kebone remains true to herself.  Her story is not that of a victim, but one of victory.  She is a strong woman who is not afraid to share her opinions and speak her truth. After serving in notable ministry organisations for many years, Kebone founded Purpose-Full Living. Purpose-Full Living is an organisation focused on providing others with the tools they need to live a purposeful life.  As a public speaker and coach, audiences respond to Kebone’s kindness, sense of humor, generosity, compassion, integrity, and willingness to be vulnerable.  She inspires women to take responsibility for their own lives and happiness.    Through the power of storytelling and authenticity, Kebone creates a safe place for women to own their truth and live their best life.